1960 Dodge Matador Sdn.



           Picture is were I found the car, (a back yard/field in New Jersey 1-08-2007). It is now at my shop and work is an on going  process.. I am not currently looking to sell this, but If you are interested, shoot me an offer..

The motor after a quick rinse off with cold water from the garden hose and no soap..

                                                                                                              Up Dates


                                                                    A recent burst of decent weather has a flurry of work now happening on this,

Engine has been tediously hand scrubbed and degreased and is now wearing the factory correct silver, Great pains are being given to the detailing of this engine..

Wire looms, pans,, brackets, pulleys, fan, generator ect have been media blasted and repainted, all black items are now wearing the correct semi gloss black.. Plug wire looms have been re dipped with the rubberized coating as original. All original Factory hoses & Belts are being replaced the new ones are here and awaiting to be installed.. Heater core has been flushed and pressure checked.. Front frame and suspension have been degreased and are now wearing a new coat of semi gloss black. I do need to do some overspray clean up detail painting of the suspension.. Hood hinges will  be removed this week and will be going thru the same cleaning and detail process as everything else thus far..

 Correct  #'s original Carburetor has been rebuilt, Intake manifold was removed and resealed.. Gas tank was cleaned and re coated with a cold galvenized coating.

The firewall is now wearing a fresh new coat of Turquoise paint.  I could not re paint this the dark boring Maroon, this car was originally, It did nothing for the beautiful flowing lines that lord Exner gave it in the design studio.

The front end sheet metal has been removed and the inner fenders are being stripped of the old under coating and are awaiting a new coat of the semi gloss black.. The radiator support is also being stripped primed and re sprayed..

Once the front sheet metal is re hung I will be moving to Underneath the car, I will be removing the remains of the dealer sprayed undercoating and properly prepping the floor boards for a fresh spray of the new body color..

             Check back in a week or so, I should  have the Radiator support and inner fenders back on and will be posting pictures of the finished engine bay



This is not some super rare or Barrett Jackson big money collector car but rather, a nice solid, fairly low mileage car. That with a minimal amount of time & money, can be put back to a nice dependable driver grade vehicle. Even setting in the back of my parking lot it draws the attention from passersby, with an overall length of 214" and fins that rise 46,1/2",  It demands to be seen.


                                                                                                               Parts Located

                                                 I now have both  Rust Free front fenders and a much nicer set of front bumpers to add to this car.

                                  I also was also lucky enough to find a NOS Molding for the top of the Passenger side front bumper. as you can see the one on it is dented..

                                                                  This one was built in Delaware and spent it's entire life in Dover N.J.


Power Steering, Power Flite Transmission, Solex Tinted Glass, 361 2bbl V8, Am Radio, Day/Nite Mirror, Multi Speed Wipers &  Heater..

I picked this up with the intent of using the drive line  in something else. However once this car was home and I went thru all the paper work it turns out that this car had not been licensed since  the early 1970's. Odometer is showing 34,000 miles. Dealer oil change stickers are still in the drivers door jamb. It had an oil change every year or two and never had more than 2500 miles between them. It's last oil change sticker that can be read was on Feb-18-1969 it had 22,000 miles.

This old girl is very solid floor and frame wise, some floor rot that has been found  but nothing warranting replacing the floor..

There is some lower body rust, a lot less than one would expect on a 47 year old North East car that is still wearing its factory paint ..




                                                                                            Here is an interesting piece of Dodge history.

I never had a lot of exposure to 60 Dodges but during my quest for parts I ran across some interesting facts on these cars so I thought I would share them with you..

                                                                                             1960 was an odd year for the Dodge models.

It was the first year for the Polara and was the first and only year for the Matador. It was also the first year of the Dart series

The Polara and Matador series rode a 122" wheelbase while  the smaller Dart series had a 118" wheelbase.

Body wise only the Hood, Front Fenders, and gas tank will interchange between the Polara/Matador and the Dart series cars..

In 1960 Dodge Built ,

323,168 Dart's

16,278 Polaras

27,908 Matadors of which only 14,185 were 4dr sedans.


Note the Difference in the wheel opening, height & length of the fin in the pictures below between the Polara/Matador Senior series and the Jr.Dart  series cars.



                                Also note the grille of The Dart      





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