These are my Personal toys, Please enjoy them but do not ask me to sell them.                                                                                            

                                                                                                         1959 Sport Fury



 I found this one sitting in a cull de sac off  a side street one evening while going to a friends house in 1984. It simply had a piece of lined notebook paper in windshield with "For Sale"

scrawled on it with single line ball point pen.

 I had seen this car only a few times in my life before that day even though it was a local car and had been in this area since the day the woman bought it new in 1959.

 As it turned out  the woman had bought the car new when she was 49 years old, she had died a few months before I found it  and the family wanted to sell it to settle her estate..

I had seen it advertised in the local paper about a month before and they were trying to get $10,000 out of it..

 Well as it would turn out another Fury collector in this area had promised to buy it 6 weeks before, after a lot of talking I finally got it thru to them that after 6 weeks he wasn't going to come back, we shook hands and sealed the deal. I walked away with this car for what the collector offered them for it, a very meager sum

It turns out , I had an add in the local paper for some cars I was parting out a few years latter and one of the calls for parts was the Fury collector..

 To this day every 2 or three years the Fury collector calls me and wants to know if I will sell it yet?   The answer is always the same even as the price has increased many many times over the years,,,,"NO".

 The pictures above were taken summer of 2006 this was only the third time since 1986 this has left it's parking space in the heated garage, It came out to get a bath and another coat of wax... Even when out of the garage it gets special treatment and sets in the carport!

Some will say it is a shame to not drive it, I feel they are only original once! The only things that have ever been replaced are the tires, mufflers and water pump..

                                                                     318 4bbl                                 54,000 miles                             Padded dash

                                                                    Factory dual exhaust            3Spd Torqueflite Trans          Power steering

                                                                    Dual Remote Mirrors           Power Brakes                          Mirror-o-Matic

                                                                    Solex tinted glass                  Trunk Ornament                     Clock

                                                                   Windshield washers              Swivel Bucket seats                 Rear Speaker  Fader Control






                                                                   1959 Sport Belvedere


This one is my current project. I found it on _bay in late spring 2006. It will not be a restoration, it is being done as more of a 1970's Street Machine type ride,

It will be running a Performance upgraded 440 HP.. I haven't decided if this will run a 3spd Torqueflite or a 1960's cast iron 4speed trans. Power steering will be added as well as power front and rear disc brakes..  The seats will 66 Chrysler 300.. As far as the color, that is still up in the air. The original color of this was Black roof and Flame Red body..

My mothers 59 Belvie was the Spring Colors of White roof and Turquoise body, a sharp clean looking color that is very seldom seen these days.

Tires and wheels will be of the 70's era  Mags or factory Rally type and raised white letter radials, none of the crap the custom builders are are into these days, (I live in Pa. we have pot holes 22" rims with 1" high tire side wall tires don't stand a chance on our roads!). And no DVD players or TV's!

Body will remain bone stock..



                                                                     1957 Plymouth Belvedere


This one is my 14 year old sons current project. I found it on one of the forms that I frequent in mid December 2007, One of the members had a friend that bought it from the original owner with the sol purpose of pulling the 30000 mile motor for use in another car..

                                                                                                          We got it home on Friday 12-29-2007.

                                                                                           This old girl is in amazing original condition, A True Survivor!

  Oil change stickers indicate that the 30,000 miles showing on the speedometer is the true mileage, some date back to 58 or 59.

All door and trunk seals are soft and Still seal, none are torn or ripped, when the trunk is shut the package tray lifts slightly!

 Window Fuzzies look like new. The package tray shows no fade or water damage. All the little gold dots are still on all the dash aluminum.. The colors on the gauges show no fade.. Headliner and Visors are perfect...This old girl  must have never sat out in the sun. Or does it appear to have ever seen a public parking lot, there is not as much as a single parking lot or door ding to be found in the body or stainless side mldgs..

 We will be replacing the front fenders and rocker panels before repainting but considering this was sold new and lived for 50 years in the hard, high salt climate of Massena New York and it's still wearing it's original paint, a truly lucky find!

 Walking up and looking at this car, it kind of  has an aura about it as if you are in a different time. It's hard to explain,. It kind of puts you in the mind frame that you are stepping back in time to when these cars were five or six years old. The more you look at the detail  such as the gold dots on the dash aluminum, the vivid unfaded colors of the gauges, the soft undamaged weather stripping or the bright chrome plated plastic on the parking lights ect. The more it draws you in..

I have owned and been around a lot of original and restored cars of this era and it isn't often that I get the stepping back into "it's time" feeling that this one gives off..

                                                                                                              It has a few options,

 Solex Tinted Glass, Day-Nite Mirror (Manual), Stainless Cowl Vent Screen, Radio, Power flite Trans, Dual Mirrors, Clock, Full Wheel covers, (was) A V8, Fresh Air Heater,
                                                                One of the most amazing things I have Noticed is it  does not reak of Mice.

                                                                                             Last time this seen the road was in November of 1977 








                                                                                                       1957 Dodge Coronet                 


                                                                   Another _bay buy. needs lots and lots of reassembly a long term money pit.

                                                                    Did you know Dodge built more Conv's in 1957 than they did 2dr sedans?


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